The first known evidence of school in Kadrina dates back to the 17th century. In 1702 the schoolhouse was destroyed in a battle during the Northern War.

Throughout its history, the school has had many different names. The school, as we know it now, started its work on 30th December, 1902. It was reopened by Johannes H. Luther and Aleksander Krimm. It was an eight-year school until becoming a secondary school in 1957, when classes 9-11 were added.

Elementary school was opened in 1939 and the building was quite modern for that time. It had 9 classrooms, a sports room and rooms for the headmaster and chef.

elementary school
elementary school - front (1939)

elementary school
elementary school - from behind (1939)

During the World War 2 the school was used as a hospital and headquarters of the Germans.

The 50s were hard times for our school because we had lack of everything. When teachers had a free lesson then they worked in the school vegetable garden.

In 1963 Otto Amer became the headmaster - thanks to his visionary personality and hard work the school kept on working and developed fast. In the 1980s and 90s the school was one of the most innovative and advanced schools in the republic. It was also the largest rural school in Estonia then. For his great contribution to the education of Estonia Otto Amer received The Order of White Star. He remained the headmaster for 39 years and building up the school can be called his life mission.

In 1970 the summer house was opened at the seaside in Vainopea. The summer house is great for group activities and school meetings/events, but also seminars and workshops. At the moment it is undergoing repairs and renovation.

summer house
summer house

In 1972 the school stadium was finished - this created better sporting facilities.

The classrooms that were finished in the 70s were considered among the best ones in Estonia at that time.

In 1984 a new annex with more classrooms was added and in 1987 the school got almost the same looks as it has got now when the big assembly hall with the arts school was added. Now this part of the building is undergoing renovation.

In 2000 the school was the biggest in Estonia according to its area. At that time one of our teachers measured the length of the school hallways and they measured up to 20 km!

Optional subjects were added in 1994 - this gave more independence to students to study more what they were interested in and needed in the future.

In 1994 the statue to the Estonian language was erected near the schoolhouse. It is known all over Estonia.

statue to the estonian language
statue to the estonian language

Since 2022 the headmaster of Kadrina Keskool has been Krõõt Nõmmela-Mehide.

Headmasters of Kadrina Secondary school

Ernst Martinson 1902 - 1903
Jaan Laur   1906 - 1911
Jakob Kents 1911 - 1915
Paul Pedisson 1915 - 1935
Ott Siirak 1935 - 1941
Elmar Kanter 1941 - 1961
Kaljo Lomp 1961 - 1963
Otto Amer 1963 - 2000
Arvo Pani 2000 - 2022
Krõõt Nõmmela-Mehide 2022 -

Elmar Kanter
Elmar Kanter

Otto Amer
Otto Amer

Arvo Pani
Arvo Pani