basic school (classes 1-9)


Classes 1-3

Children come to school at the age of 7 if their mental and social development allows them to. If a child does not attend kindergarten, he has to attend a preparatory class at the age of six. There are usually three parallel classes and the smallest one of them is meant for pupils with learning difficulties.

In the first grade children have 20 lessons per week. In the second grade they have already 23 lessons per week and in the third 25 lessons per week. Students start studying English in our school in the third grade. They have their first standard tests (Estonian and mathematics) in the third grade.

Classes 4-6

After the third grade students are divided into classes by the standard tests. One of the classes starts following an English-biased curriculum having more lessons of English per week (5). In the fourth grade pupils have 25 lessons, in the fifth grade 28 lessons and in the sixth grade they have 30 lessons per week. In the sixth grade students have three standard tests.

Classes 7-9

There are 30 lessons per week in the 7th grade and 32 lessons per week in the 8th and 9th grade. In the 7th grade the pupils start studying biology and geography. In the 8th grade they also start studying some new subjects, like chemistry and physics. In that grade they also have an exam the subject of which they can choose themselves. In the 9th grade the students have to take three exams (an optional subject, maths and Estonian).